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5 995 kr
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3 400 kr (57%)
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The wetsuit that was designated “Best on Test” in 220 magazine’s wetsuit group test this year. It retains the award-winning cut, features and finish of our B-First model which make them the fastest and most comfortable suits on the market. Pushing the boundaries of performance even further, the Extreme boasts  a panel of Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene covering two-thirds of the front of  the suit. The  placement of this panel  has been studied  to allow optimum buoyancy and positioning in  the water making  the Extreme  into a pure  rocket!  The Extreme is worn by David Hauss, 4th at the London Olympics.

The neck is cut low from 1.5mm (Yamamoto 40 SCS nano) neoprene to avoid skin irritations and uncomfortable compression.
Arms and shoulders:
Formed from the supplest neoprene outer and jersey inner combination in the world (Yamamoto 40 SCS nano plus 360° stretch jersey), the cut allows complete freedom of movement and reduces muscle fatigue to a minimum.
Shark Skin Forearm grip:
Allows better mastery of your arm movement and a better « feel » for the water.
High-cut wrists makes for extra-fast transitions. They are finished with a silicone joint to limit water entry.
5mm SCS Nano treated neoprene with air bubbles “trapped” in the middle, giving a 30% gain in buoyancy and an amazingly low drag-coefficient through water.
5mm neoprene (Yamamoto SCS nano) with an invisible zip means better hydrodynamics and less water entry.
Lower leg:
3mm Yamamoto SCS nano and ultra supple, they are cut high for lightning transitions.
Lycra inner jersey for greater comfort and lightning-fast transitions.