Nami MEN (Bara Large Kvar)

Ord. pris: 
3 495 kr
2 195 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Du sparar: 
1 300 kr (37%)
Kommentar till butiken:
Our Nami and Naiad wetsuits benefit from several of the technical advantages and improvements validated over the last few years on our top of the range models. The inside is entirely laminated with lycra for extra comfort and the forearms are equipped with the ?Shark Skin Grip?. The suits? neoprene outer is 100% Yamamoto 39 SCS, making them both lighter ( thus more buoyant ) and more supple than other wetsuits at this price point. Available in women?s (Naiad) and men?s (Nami) specific cuts. The aim of these models is to offer the best value for money possible whilst offering incredible performance.


- Neck: The neck is cut low from 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene to avoid skin irritations and uncomfortable compression.

- Arms and shoulders: Very supple 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS outer and stretch jersey inner means this suit allows complete freedom of movement.

- Shark Skin Forearm grip: Allows better mastery of your arm movement and an improved «feel» for the water.

- Wrists: High-cut wrists makes for extra-fast transitions.

- Chest and Upper legs: 5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene allows for excellent buoyancy and glide through the water.

- Back: 3mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene with an invisible zip means better hydrodynamics and less water entry.

- Lower leg : Ultra supple 3mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene. High cut for lightning fast transitions.

- Inner Jersey: Lycra inner jersey laminated through the body, legs and arm pieces for greater comfort and quicker transitions.