Torrent WOMEN

6 900 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Kommentar till butiken:
This suit is the result of 3 years of research and testing to create a product that offers incredible freedom of movement and unparalleled performance. We have added new exclusive materials, better balanced buoyancy and zones of extra elastic neoprene over certain joints which has allowed us to improve even more our award winning range of wetsuits. 

- Arms, Neck and shoulders: cut from the supplest neoprene outer (1.5 mm Yamamoto 40 SCS Nano) and stretchiest jersey inner in the world, the cut allows complete freedom of movement and reduces muscle fatigue to a minimum. 

- Wrists: High-cut wrists make for extra-fast transitions.  

- Body, thighs and back: 5mm Dome cell, 5mm Yamamoto 39 and 2mm Yamamoto 39 panels associated to provide optimum stretch, bouyancy and positioning in the water. All panels treated with SCS nano to reduce passive drag. 

- Zip: invisible and reverse closing leading to better hydrodynamics and less water entry. 

- Shark Skin Forearm grip: Allows for better mastery of your arm movement and an improved «feel» for the water. 

- Lower leg, Sides and knees: 3mm Yamamoto 39 SCS Nano. The ankle openings are cut high for lightning fast transitions. 

- Jersey: Lycra inner jersey for greater comfort and speedy removal. 

- Safety Tapes: over the stress zones of the arm and leg seams to provide a hard wearing product over time.