Archimedes II 3:5

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HUUB Archimedes 2

Ingen annan våtdräkt på marknaden i dag hjälper dina simtag, din benspark och din kroppsposition bättre är HUUB Archimedes 2. Den finns i två varianter, eftersom alla inte simmar på samma sätt. Den presenteras i 3:5-versionen för alla med sjunkande ben, och en 4:4-version för dem med en bra position i vattnet.


o   X-O Skeleton för stabilitet och flytkraft.

o   NBR X-O Skeleton ger ytterliggare flytkraft

o   Bicep Release för bättre effektivitet i armtaget.

o   Arm Crossover alignment för korrekt position och för att undvika Snaking/Fish tailing i vattnet.

o   Calf Release för bättr blodcirkulation, benspark och framdrift.

o   Break-away zipper förr snabba växlingar.

o   Marknadens mest fleksibla material på insidan av dräkten.

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The full story on the Archimedes 2:
”To deliver the fastest wetsuit, with the feeling of not wearing a wetsuit” The HUUB Archimedes 2 Triathlon Wetsuit...

We could take one of those ‘cheesy’ approaches and tell you how it was impossible making the best better and how our athletes told us that after testing the Archimedes that it simply could not be improved upon. You know, the kind of stuff you read
which then gets changed the following year by another load of marketing flash copy - that means nothing - that just isn’t our style. The Archimedes 1, for us, was the best suit we could of designed at the time. Materials, production methods and research saw us create the best of the what has brought about the change to the
Archimedes 2? Research, challenging production and
learning, from pushing the bar of expectation beyond anything the wetsuit market has ever seen.Then there’s the lab... ‘The real lab’, the lab that told us to look deeper into modulus of materials and methods of construction, the lab that helped ensure we were maximising the properties of neoprene foam and the lining whilst taking that into account
in the construction. The lab that has taught us more about stabilisation for a strong foundation, for the swim stroke and the lab that has taught us about muscle release and ‘Non-suit’ reaches and feel.

The design of the Archimedes 2 was a process of focus. An intense focus on a few key areas that, by working with our factories and research team, we knew we could accomplish. It revolved around flexibility and creating the ‘non-suit’ feel, which
then led to improved efficiency.