Land & Sea (Swimrun) UNISEX

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3 495 kr
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1 300 kr (37%)
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To develop this product, that has been tailored to the extreme needs and specificities of Swimrun, we asked one of the earliest and most experienced practitioners of Swirun to help us develop the Land+Sea wetsuit.

The challenge was to find the correct balance between comfort, performance and durability. With the Land+Sea Premium?s anti-rub surfaces under the arms and between the legs, reinforced bottom area, Run Stretch panel over the hip flexors and the trademark Mako Ultra-stretch shoulders, we feel confident that our suit has what it takes to help you through the toughest of Swimrun races. Especially when taking into account the reasonably thick body and thigh panels that maintain balanced bouyancy whilst also keep you nice and warm.

Added features also include a front and rear zip to give you multiple possibilities for the run legs of your race. These allow you to take off and put back on your suit in a blink of an eye without having shoulders that are supernaturally supple or to just open the front or back for a little ventilation ? the choice is yours ! You will find a large rear internal pocket for your nutrition and other necessary items and a smaller front pocket for your GPS.

We have added internal seam taping up the arms to allow you to cut your suit above the elbow if you desire.


-Neck, arms and Shoulders : 1.5mm smoothskin SCS Neoprene + super stretch jersey.

-Armpits : 1.5mm neoprene with smooth jersey exterior to reduce friction whilst running.

-Front panel and thighs : 5mm smoothskin SCS Neoprene + soft touch internal jersey for comfort.

-Back panel : 4mm smoothskin SCS Neoprene + soft touch internal jersey for comfort.

-Bottom and rear thighs : 6mm neoprene with tough jersey outer to protect your suit when sliding in and getting out of the water.

-Hip flexors : 2mm extra-stretch smoothskin SCS Neoprene.

-Pockets : 1 large rear and 1 small front.

-Zips : Rear and front.

-Model UNISEX.